Elegance with character


LAGARTO luxury wallets are made exclusively from hand-selected, top-grade exotic leathers, embodying individuality, achievement and prestige. No two luxury wallets are alike as each features its own natural, unique pattern. All of our exotic leathers are sourced responsibly, meeting and exceeding governing regulations.

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Individuality, Resilience, Prestige


LAGARTO crocodile leather wallets may be considered the king of the exotic leather world. The strong, sensual, rich-textured leather showcases gorgeously natural rectangular scales, symbolizing individuality, resilience and prestige. LAGARTO offers both Limited Edition and Personalized wallets with pristine, hand-selected top-grade crocodile leather. Read More

Exotic, Original, Luxurious


LAGARTO's handcrafted ostrich leather wallets the quintessence of exoticism, originality and luxury. The unusually soft touch and natural, eye-catching polka-dot texture make our genuine ostrich wallets a conversation piece in any social setting. LAGARTO Limited Edition and Personalized luxury wallets are available in hand-selected, top-grade ostrich leather. Read More

Confidence, Glimmer, Beauty


LAGARTO's stingray leather wallets exude confidence and achievement with their striking glimmer and beauty. The exotic skin feels as smooth as pearls, yet is incredibly durable — 25 times more durable than cowhide leathers. That's why, hundreds of years ago, Japanese Samurais used this lightweight, enduring leather as armour.LAGARTO's Limited Edition and Personalized wallets are available in top-grade stingray leather. Read More

Eccentric, Elegant, Resilient


LAGARTO's hand-selected lizard leather forms exotic wallets that are elegant, smooth and supple, yet highly resilient. Known for its sturdy structure, lizard leather showcases a medley of striking colours and sophistication. Its square scales tend to become smaller and rounder toward the sides, creating eccentric charm, complemented by its lustrous finish. LAGARTO Limited Edition and Personalized luxury wallets are both available in top-grade lizard leather.  Read More

Powerful, Confident, Refined


Python leather wallets by LAGARTO emanate power and self-confidence with unconventional style and versatility. Soft and delicate to the touch, it's characteristic scales are pleasing to the touch and naturally open over the years, establishing even greater appeal, prestige and refinement. LAGARTO's Limited Edition and Personalized luxury wallets are available with top-grade python leather.  Read More